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FIRE PRISON Inferno 2016

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FIRE PRISON Inferno 2016

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Status: Completed
IMDb Ratings: 6.5
Directed by Ron Howard,
Country: USA, Hungary,
Year: 2016
Theatrical release date: 10/14/2016
Running Time: 121 minutes
Quality: HDRip
Resolution: Full HD
Languages: English Subtitles
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Category: Action Movies, Movie criminal, wandering , Movie theaters, Movies
Production company: Columbia Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, LStar Capital


Woke up in a hospital in Florence (Italy), Robert Langdon found out she had a head wound, parallel lost a part of the memories of the last days. What he remembers is the image you are walking through the Harvard campus. Sienna Brooks, one of the physicians is care Robert, said he suffered traumatic brain injury caused by a member flying bullet grazed his head and made her way to the emergency room. No time to understand what was going on, Robert again hunted by the killer forced him to fight fled and entered the journey decipher the mystery recondite , conspiracy prevented human genocide.

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